How to Save Money on Tires

Brand name tires are can often be found at large discounts online.  Find information about tire and deals below.

Purchasing tires is an important process affecting your safety, your finances and the overall performance of your vehicle. It is crucial to know how to save money on tires while still buying the best products available for your budget and needs. Affordable prices on great tires are available, but what are the best strategies for finding the best deals? Check out the options below to find the best deals...

Many companies offer budget tires. Taking advantage of a quick deal or everyday low price on certain budget tire brands might be a way to save money, but it does not always guarantee the best quality product. There are of course budget tires with good warranties and strong performance reviews. There are also high-quality tires with superb performance ratings available at affordable prices.

There are proven strategies for finding the best deals on tires. There are top brand names making the best tires on the market. There are also significant benefits of having the best tires on your vehicle. Read ahead for tips on how to save money on tires and the top 5 brand names in business today.

Benefits of Having a Good Set of Tires on Your Vehicle

There are several important benefits to having a good set of tires on your vehicle. The first and most important are increased safety and control of your vehicle. Good tires provide better traction, making it easier to control your vehicle when driving in adverse conditions or at top, legal speeds. They also make it easier and safer to stop quickly in emergencies. 

Good tires also help your vehicle achieve maximum fuel efficiency. A smooth, balanced ride allows trucks, cars, motorcycles, RVs and more to operate at maximum capacity without putting additional stress on the motor. It reduces wind resistance to a degree by keeping your ride straight.  It also supports the weight of and in your vehicle more effectively, which in turn also improves gas mileage. 

An alignment is needed when tires become unbalanced and your vehicle pulls to the left or right while driving. This is usually caused by the tread on your tired being worn down. Tires with bad tread create extra strain on themselves and the operation of your vehicle. Having a good set of tires on your vehicle provides between sixty thousand and one hundred thousand miles of safety and driving comfort.

Finally, comfort is also a factor. A good set of tires keeps your ride smooth and balanced. This makes handling your steering wheel easier and more effective. It reduces the bumps, shakes and rattles disturbing your comfort. It also makes longer road trips, travel up large hills and hectic city driving a more pleasant experience.

Top 5 Tire Brand Names

There is a lot riding on the tires installed on your vehicle, literally, figuratively, financially and more. Certain brand names rise above the others when it comes to high quality and affordable prices. The top 5 tire brand names in business today are:

  1. Michelin.
  2. Goodyear.
  3. BF Goodrich.
  4. Bridgestone.
  5. Pirelli.

1. Michelin

Michelin was founded in 1889 in France and sets the standard for all popular tire brands with over eighty-eight awards from J.D. Power & Associates for quality. Michelin is not only popular in the United States among consumers and industry pundits. It is also a global bestseller boasting over $9.6 billion dollars in North American sales during 2018 alone. Michelin makes tires for practically every vehicle or machine capable of using wheels. The company focuses energy and resources on improving safety, efficiency and environmental protection. Michelin has also sold over 500,000 maps/guides and 18+ million Michelin-licensed lifestyle products designed to improve safety and comfort on and off the roads.

2. Goodyear

Goodyear is another exceptional tire brand in business only nine fewer years than Michelin. This century+ old company is of course famous for its excellent tires. It is also famous for its world-renown Goodyear Blimp and historically manufacturing the first tires to be driven on the moon. Also similar to Michelin, Goodyear emphasizes being socially and environmentally conscious. It does so by focusing corporate resources and efforts on responsible operating procedures, sustainable sourcing, advanced mobility and providing cultural inspiration.

3. BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich is an American tire company, owned by Michelin but operating under its individual and popular brand name. BF Goodrich was actually founded nineteen years before Michelin, but went through several changes in its century+ existence before being purchased by Michelin in 1990. The company manufactures a wide selection of performance, passenger and light truck tires. BF Goodrich is also heavily involved in professional racing, and especially with Baja 1000 events. It even has its own performance team. Like its parent company, BF Goodrich makes additional products such as boots and shoes. It also gives back to society through its Outstanding Trails program, which has contributed approximately $200,000 to preserving and maintaining 52 trails in nineteen U.S. states and Canada.

4. Bridgestone

Bridgestone Tires makes both Bridgestone and Firestone tires. Their tires are made for cars, trucks and SUVs. One thing setting Bridgestone innovation apart from other tire companies is its commitment to eco-friendly tire models. Another element of Bridgestone’s primary innovation and focus includes making safer tire products for its customers. Bridgestone run-flat tires are capable of safely functioning for approximately one hundred miles after suffering a significant leak or actual flat. Bridgestone also focuses on safer, more effective winter tires and tires capable of enhancing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Lastly, the Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund is committed to improving numerous educational, environmental and children’s programs by providing them with funding and additional support.

5. Pirelli

Pirelli is a highly rated and high performance tire brand. This is an Italian-based tire manufacturer and its focus is on making tires for top eccentric brand vehicles including Lamborghini and Maserati. Pirelli also focuses on more common albeit still luxury cars such as BMW, Porsche and Audi. What sets Pirelli tires apart from most others is a proprietary tread pattern, which is designed to enhance control and road performance during both high speed and adverse situations. Pirelli is not above the needs of the everyday driver, however. Tires for common passenger vehicles are also in their product lineup. Pirelli tires are extremely high-performance products and are priced accordingly. For consumers with the money to spend, especially on a favorite vehicle or one used for significant travel, Pirelli tires are an excellent choice. 

How to Find Discount Tires Online

Sales on tires happen at various times throughout each year. There are also specific places to look for discount tires online and strategies to getting the best prices possible online and in person. Using a combination of all three concepts almost assuredly helps you find the best quality tires at the most affordable prices. 

Online tire discount websites such as Discount Tire Direct, Tire Rack and Discounted Wheel Warehouse offer year-round low prices on various brands and models. One self-initiated strategy for getting great deals in person is to research competitor prices and ask your brand or store of choice to price-match. Other strategies for finding the best discount tires online include:

  • Buying during holiday sales events.
  • Buying out of season.
  • Knowing and sticking to your budget.
  • Financing through zero-interest offers.
  • Consider the value of installation deals over just the price.
  • Spend time researching and getting the best tire/installation rebates.