10 Legitimate Work from Home Jobs for Anyone with A Computer

Since even before the advent of the internet, work-from-home jobs have been pitched. These are usually accompanied by testimonials of happy people making all kinds of income performing simple tasks from the comfort of home.  These jobs have historically been viewed as something of a scam.  However, the current circumstances have made more displaced workers look for some way to supplement income. In the case where pre-epidemic employers could not find a way to convert employee positions to virtual ones, the scramble is on to create a way to legitimately make a living at home. While needing income, extra or primary, might seem like a dire situation, this is a great time to re-invent yourself with jobs that offer flexible schedules.  The good news is the only requirement for many home jobs is little more than a computer.  The number of home job opportunities is -- virtually -- infinite. Almost every business has some component of virtual employment.  It is simply a matter of searching home job opportunities that require little to no specialized skills, and vetting for legitimacy. Use the following handy list to begin your search for legitimate online work-from-home jobs.

How to Be Sure It is Legit

After conducting a few searches for work-from-home jobs, you begin to develop a sense of legitimacy in opportunity postings.  The rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Here are some ways to feel confident, the source of your work-from-home job is sound:
  • Perform an internet search. A good sign that your source is bona fide, is where it falls in an internet search.  Placing high in a search means that site experiences a lot of traffic. This means it does a lot of business and probably is long-standing.
  • Follow the URL. If the source of your posting appears to be a fly-by-night site, it is best to continue the job search elsewhere.  Worse still is the URL that goes to an error message or a not found message. This is a huge red flag that this is not a valid job source.
  • Fees. Never pay up front or buy into a work-from-home prospect. Some virtual job sites do take a fee but only after work has been transacted.  This is reasonable.
  • Check the references. Search the job source’s references. Check for reviews, good and bad.  Investigate with the Better Business Bureau and the Secretary of State – all of which can be done online.

The Top Ten Home Job Opportunities for Just about Anyone

  1. Call Center. It might surprise you that many Fortune 500 companies outsource their telephone work, rather than use in-house employees.  Calls are simply routed to the work-from-home employee during a scheduled period of time.  This job has round-the-clock prospect so the home job seeker can choose the most convenient hours to work.
  2. Data Entry. This is entering information into a system. The home job worker is given unorganized data, like names and addresses, and is asked to enter it into a spreadsheet.  Since the work is largely repetitive, it  is a good entry level job or great supplemental possibility.
  3. Customer Service. Nearly every company has a customer service center. Some of these centers are located all around the globe, lifting limitations for that work-from-home job seeker.  This job entails trouble-shooting problems and connecting customers to solutions, either by phone, chat or email.
  4. Copy Writing. From the simple to the sophisticated, home jobs for writing content are plentiful. It is not necessary to have a degree in writing, because there are jobs at all levels. This job is perfect for a person who wishes to transition to a new career. The sites that post writing-job listings do collect a small fee, once payment is made for the job.
  5. Transcription. This work is simply typing out the content of audio files, so that the hiring source has a transcribed electronic copy.
  6. Sales.  This is a job where the only real skill required is tenacity.  The home job worker can receive sales leads, make sales contact, either by email, social media or phone and meet with potential clients via videoconference – all through the computer.
  7. Tutoring. While students are not in direct contact with teachers, there is a demand for scholastic support. Tutoring can be conducted through the computer’s web connection.  Even basic support satisfies the requirement for this position.
  8. Virtual Assistant. Get paid to manage correspondence, process expenses or to perform tasks electronically for a busy client who needs administrative assistance.
  9. Mortgage Underwriter/Loan Processor. This job has varying levels of skill requirements from entry level to specialized.  A mortgage underwriter or loan processor often works for a lending institution and are often trained by the company to do the work. Each organization has their own requirements and qualifications for the job. Reaching out to each one to read the job listing can assist you in determining whether you are qualified to apply.
  10. Social Media Manager. Get paid to do something most people do much of the day anyway: spend time on social media by maintaining accounts and/or posting blogs.

All these jobs are available with little or no competition.  Whether you are seeking strictly to generate cash, start a new career, or ease into retirement, it all begins with an online search, asking questions and finding the right fit. Here are a few good places to start looking: