Water Filtration Systems: The New Age Answer To All Things Water

Why do you need a water filtration system in your home?  There are many reasons, but the primary reasons are to save money, have access to quality drinking water, and to protect the environment. Water filters are the main alternative to costly bottled water and tap water.  Many people use bottled water as an alternative to tap water, which has been billed as unsafe to drink in most states.  While much of the countries tap water is regulated by the EPA and considered safe for consumption, recent crises in places like Flint, Michigan have drawn attention to the problems inherent in the water system that supplies our homes with Tap water.

Water Filtration Systems During a Crisis

Having a water filtration system, whether it's portable or built in, during a time of crisis is extremely beneficial to have. In today's world, we are experiencing a major crisis that we as a society have never been through before. The Coronavirus is an extremely contagious virus that has spread throughout the whole world and is infecting many, in which we do not have a cure for yet. Due to this, our grocery stores and major retailers are experiencing shortages on particular items, one of which is bottled water. If you are one that relies on bottled water or water delivery services for your drinking water, this may be a problem for you right now. To combat this problem, a water filtration system allows you to have clean, drinking water straight from your faucet. Not only during times of crisis, but just every day life, water filtration systems make it easier and better overall for your health and the health of our environment.

Say No To Bottles

Bottled water has been billed as the best, safest alternative to potentially contaminated water.  It is safe, pure, and sourced from uncontaminated natural sources.  However, bottled water comes with a large host of its own problems, including a major environmental impact, plastic waste, and in some cases, considerable human rights abuses.  And studies have shown that much of the bottled water we consume is hardly any safer, if at all, than tap water!  Water is immensely important to a healthy life and a functioning society, yet we have few options to access water that truly meets our quality standard. Water delivery services are great if you do not like water filters. This is where the superiority of the water filter comes into play.  A water filter in your home gives you access to clean, safe drinking water, and is much cheaper than constantly buying bottles of water.  Water filters are designed to filter specific contaminants from the water that passes through, and there are various types of filters and each is geared toward a variety of contaminants.  You will need to make a concentrated effort to research the contaminants that may be present in your local water to find the filter that is right for you.  You will need to visit the EPA’s drinking water website.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are many different types of water filters available on the market, ranging from plastic pitcher filters to faucet mounted filters.  Many refrigerators come with built indoor mounted water filters, there are also under the sink water filters.  For those truly serious about water filters, there are home spanning systems meant to filter all the water that heads into your home.  Some filters are designed to simply filter out the chemicals that the local utility companies use to treat the local water. One of the top rated types of filter is one the combination Carbon/KDF adsorption filter.  This filter is best to remove chlorine and any chlorine byproducts.  For those with fewer contaminants, smaller, less intensive filters will be well suited to their needs.  These filters tend to be small and will usually meet any simple filter needs.  If you are concerned about high levels of contaminants, or a series of different contaminants, a multi-stage filter is best suited to fit your needs.

Why Make The Switch?

Water filters are a prime solution for those worried about the safety of their drinking water.  Especially if you are concerned about environmental impact.  Bottled water is a strain on our planet and finding a water filter for your home can help you minimize your impact on the world, and, more importantly, deliver safe, quality drinking water direct to your home. And if our world ever encounters another crisis, such as the one we are currently living in, you will be prepared and not have to worry about a shortage of bottled water or water delivery services.