Ways To Improve Your Pets Food

During these uncertain times, what you feed your pets matter. Your best four-legged friends sense the strain you are under and want you to know you can count receiving unwavering loving-kindness. Their intentions are good, but delivering the promise is difficult if your pets ingest sub-par quality food. Here is how you make affordable pet food choices and ensure they feel appreciated.

Quality Ingredients for Your Pet Canine

When buying dry dog food, look for labels that list high-level protein ingredients as the top three items. The words "beef", "chicken" are preferred. Furthermore, either of those with the word "meal" following it should be on the label as opposed to only "meat." One good example of an excellent listing is beef, beef meal, chicken meal. Look for labels that indicate unprocessed food like vegetables and whole grains. These create a well-rounded diet that combats stress for your pet.

Walk Past Products with Low-Quality Ingredients

Instead of buying products that list only "animal fat." Be sure the fat is identifiable, such as chicken or beef fat. Avoid artificial colors. Preservatives, added colors and flavors are bad news as well. Ethoxyquin was first developed as a pesticide, and BHT and BHA are synthetic preservatives that are toxic in high doses if exposed to that for a long time and some studies show they may promote tumors. Stay away from anything that states "by-product" on the label. Sweeteners can cause sugar diabetes in your pet just like us humans; therefore, avoid those ingredients.

Protecting Your Feline Family Friend

In troubling economic times, just like dogs, cats can sense when things in the world are a little off-kilter. A healthy diet will give your feline something to continually purr about. Your cat's breed, current health status, and age are all factors that determine the type of diet that is most suitable. Get your veterinarian's advice on which foods bolster your pet's health and which ones deter it. Here are some basic rules for selecting dry cat food with excellent nutrition in mind. It should consist of:

  • 30 percent of animal proteins of high quality
  • Easy to digest fiber and carbohydrates
  • Between 15 and 20 percent of animal fats of a healthy nature
  • Essential enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals

If you purchase canned cat food, check that it has a minimum of 8 percent animal type proteins. A maximum of 10 percent is also a great option.

Tips for Budgeting Your Pet Food Supply

Purchasing affordable pet food in challenging times is possible without having to skimp on quality. For instance, dry pet food costs less than canned. If you decide to buy dry food in bulk, consider purchasing smaller bags because once you open the bag, the air exposure shortens its nutritional value. Regarding canned food, its shelf life dwindles down to about a week. On the other hand, it lasts up to two years on the shelf if unopened. Upgrade the nutrition level because when pets are healthy, they make humans happy no matter what challenges the world brings. But most importantly, because you care.