Water Delivery: Everything You Should Know Before Selecting A Service

Many who are looking to add a water delivery service to either their home or office do so for many reasons. Maybe they like the taste of bottled water better than water from the tap. Perhaps the filtration provided in a water delivery product is higher than those they can buy on the market. No matter your reason, understanding what water delivery services offer and what to look for in a good water service is important, not only to your wallet, but to your overall health. When deciding which service to choose, pay close attention to several factors aside from the cost. Ask yourself some crucial questions about what you would prefer in a service, the type of water you want delivered, and how much and how often you want it delivered. All of these factor into the overall cost of the water delivery.

Types of Water for Delivery

Not all water is the same. For example, spring water and purified water taste differently and come from different sources. Purified water has been obtained from a national source and then filtered to purify it. Spring water is collected from naturally occurring sources in nature. Not all water delivery services offer you a choice, so it pays, literally, to ask why types of water are available. In addition, companies may offer distilled water, mineral water, sparkling water and even flavored water.

Frequency of Water Delivery and Amounts

If you have never ordered water delivery before, then you may not know how to calculate your family’s water consumption. This holds true if you are ordering for your office as well. On average for an office of 30-50 workers you can go through at least 50 five gallon water bottles a month. Consider that the water will also be used to make coffee and hot tea as well as consumed straight from the cooler. If you have between five and ten employees it is recommended you start with only five, five gallon water bottles a month and gauge it from there. The amount used at home depends on how you intend to use the water. If you will also be using it to cool with then the amount ordered should be doubled. For a typical family of four, the amount should be around the same as a small office: four to five, five gallon water bottles. Some water delivery companies offer their water as a subscription, or as a one time purchase. Others allow you to customize and set up your own delivery schedule. That way you can set up delivery for every other month if you like. However, some companies are not flexible with their delivery options. For example, Costco requires you to get a subscription to the service and you must pay for the entire length of the subscription up front. This gets you three, five gallon bottles each month. Crystal Springs has a little more flexible subscription that allows you to skip deliveries on the months where you do not want service. Keep in mind that many delivery services offer free delivery for the first month only. After that you pay a delivery fee on top of the cost of the water.

Water Coolers and Dispensers

The large water bottles are designed to be used with a water cooler device or a dispenser. Many companies will lease this equipment to you, while others require you to purchase it. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a generic water cooler and expect that the 5 gallon jugs will work in them. Most water companies design their water containers to only work with their proprietary dispensers and coolers. For example, Culligan’s water service includes the cost of the equipment in their overall subscription fee.

Does the Water Service Deliver to Your Area?

It is disheartening when you select a service only to find they do not deliver water in your area. Many water companies only deliver within a set zone or area. This is particularly true of those services providing regional spring water. Make sure you ask what their area of delivery is to make sure you do not sign up for a service you cannot access.

What is Your Budget for the Water Delivery Service?

The cost of the water you have delivered is affected by several factors. First, what type of water are you going to order? Spring water and purified water tend to be the most cost effective at around $6 per five gallon bottle. This does not include delivery fees and the initial cost of the equipment. Make sure to ask if there is a delivery fee, if it is waived for the first delivery, and how often they will deliver. It is important to ask if there are any provisions for changing delivery times and dates or if it is set in stone.

National Water Delivery Companies

The following is a brief list of water delivery services offered as national services. The chances are very good you will find a representative where you live.
  • Costco:  As a large bulk item store, Costco utilizes the services of local partners to deliver water. If you have a Costco near you, then water delivery is possible. You can choose from only spring water or purified water. Their five gallon water jugs do work with generic dispensers, which you can purchase from them or on Amazon. Expect to pay between $6.50-$7.50 per bottle, and only through a subscription.
  • Culligan: Culligan has been synonymous with water for decades. You can order five different types of water from this water delivery service. Choose from spring, filtered, distilled, demineralized and even reverse osmosis water. You can purchase the water cooler, or just rent it to see if you like it.
  • ReadyRefresh:  This is a relatively new company, but it has partnered with some heavy hitters. If there is a brand of water you prefer, for example Zephyrhills, then you can order that brand from them. Other brands they carry include Arrowhead, Deer park, Nestle Pure Life, Perrier, S. Pellegrino, Acqua Panna and Ice Mountain. There are several different delivery options, flexibility is built in and you can cancel whenever you want.