Why Should You Get Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance basically pays for full or partial treatment when you take your beloved pet to a veterinary clinic. Each policy is different as are the companies that offer them. It is extremely important that you become familiar with the different companies out there and choose the right policy based on your individual pet(s). I will go over what pet insurance covers, the costs and the companies that offer them.

Pet Insurance Coverage and Costs

The type of insurance coverage is based entirely on the policy. Unlike our own health insurance policy, your pet’s insurance acts very much like how your property insurance would. Reimbursement is used after the pet receives its treatment and the owner files the claim. Generally, the pet insurance offered covers dogs, cats and horses. Pet insurance for exotic animals is, however, becoming more prevalent as is also the ownership of those kinds of pets. Just like our own health insurance, the company can cover a percentage (usually 70-100 percent) after the deductible has been met. Pet insurance can be broken down into two categories: lifetime and non-lifetime. The first covers the pet’s conditions regardless if it’s chronic. The second policy does not cover a condition if it is recurring in following years, a factor which essentially means that your pet is covered for a specific condition only once. After that, the owner assumes full financial responsibility. Some companies also limit coverages for pets with pre-existing conditions.

Companies That Offer Pet Insurance

There are dozens if not hundreds of companies that offer pet insurance. I will focus on ones that have been highly rated. Check out the top 10 pet insurance companies of 2021. Here are a few highlighted and what makes them unique compared to the rest.

  • Healthy Paws - This pet insurance company has been rated an A plus by the Better Business Bureau and a top-rated choice by the Seattle and LA Times. You can obtain a rate quote easily based on the breed and age of your pet.
  • PetPlan – Annual deductibles start as low as 100 dollars. This company also accepts all dogs regardless of age.
  • ASPCA - This company has a minimum yearly coverage cap of 5 thousand dollars up to unlimited dollar amount. You also don’t have to worry about staying in-network as this plan covers any licensed vet visit.

Get Pet Insurance

Again, it cannot be stressed enough that you take your time and research the company before making the decision. One policy varies subtly or greatly from another. The great thing is that these companies are transparent and will give you an exact quote that fits your budget in just a few clicks. This option of insurance for your pets will give you peace of mind, regardless, for your four-legged loved ones.