Unlimited Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Cell phone carriers have special offers that provide unlimited data and discounts just for Seniors.  Find information on how to find these deals below.

Many cell phone service providers recognize the importance of an affordable unlimited cell phone for seniors. Seniors are often prone to resisting modern technology due to a lack of experience using it. This applies to many aspects of life including modern smart phones, which to many people ages 55+ are similar to expensive computers. An affordable unlimited cell phone plan with transparent pricing and practical features is what attracts most seniors to paying for cell phone service.

It is important for seniors to have the ability to connect with family and friends without delay. It is some times even a matter of safety and need to have a cell phone with a reliable service plan established. The price of a one-person cell one person in 2020 averaged at approximately $70 per month. Senior citizens need lower prices with sensible features as opposed to all the modern bells and whistles currently popular with most younger consumers. Thankfully there are discounted and reasonably priced service plans either designed or perfectly suitable for seniors. Read ahead for information about the top 3 unlimited cell phone plans for seniors.

Top 3 Unlimited Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Cell phone service providers offer various types of unlimited plans. The concept of unlimited and how it is applied to service features is what varies. Totally unlimited plans place no restrictions on talk, text or data usage. Partially unlimited plans almost always include unlimited talk and text, but place some restriction on data usage.

For example, some plans include unlimited data at 4G speeds up to a certain amount of megabytes or gigabytes used. Once the predetermined limit is reached, data usage remains unlimited albeit at 3G or 2G speeds. This type of caveat is confusing for many seniors. There are a handful of excellent unlimited plans with simple terms and transparent pricing. The top 3 unlimited cell phone plans for seniors are:

  1. T-Mobile Magenta Unlimited 55+

  2. Boost Mobile Unlimited

  3. Mint Mobile Unlimited

1. T-Mobile Magenta Unlimited 55

T-Mobile is one of the top cell phone service providers today. The company is popular with younger generations but also provides a specific plan for its senior citizen customers. The Magenta Unlimited 55 plan is priced starting at an affordable 27.50 per line each month. The plan increases $35 and $45 each month when extra features are purchased. The $27.50 Essentials Unlimited 55 plan is extremely affordable but does not include taxes and fees in its pricing. The prices for both Magenta Unlimited 55+ plans do include taxes and fees, however.

All the T-Mobile 55 plans provide 5G access at no additional cost, but do require two lines to be activated for the discounted plan prices to apply. For example, the Essentials Unlimited 55 plan costs $27.50 per line when two lines are activated, but $40 for a single line. Data usage limits increase in tiers with the increased price of each plan. The Essentials and Magenta plans both include SD streaming and the Magenta Plus includes HD streaming and free Netflix. The Magenta and Magenta Plus plans also offer tiered amounts of in-flight Wi-Fi.

2. Boost Mobile Unlimited

Boost Mobile recently climbed the ladder of popularity among consumers in general. Senior citizens also appreciate Boost Mobile for its reasonable, transparent plan prices and discounted cell phone purchase options. The Boost Mobile Unlimited plans are not specifically designed for seniors but are suitable for almost all their needs regardless. 

The prices of Boost Mobile plans range between $35 and $60 per month. All plans offer unlimited talk, text and data. The middle plan, costing $50 per month, is easily the most popular among customers. The $35 plan is more popular among seniors due to its affordability, however. Additional discounts are also applied as new lines are added to each plan. The $35 plan includes unlimited talk, text and data. The plan includes 3GB of 4G LTE, which is reduced to 2G data speeds for the rest of your billing cycle after the monthly data allotment is surpassed.

All Boost Mobile unlimited plans include mobile hotspot options. The $50 plan is the best overall deal for seniors who require more data, however, because it includes 35GB of 4G LTE data in its price. Seniors are able to receive additional savings when purchasing Boost cell phone service via the Walmart Customer Exclusive plan. This plan doubles the amount of 4G LTE data available per month but does not increase your monthly bill.

3. Mint Mobile Unlimited

Mint Mobile is a young company making big waves in the modern cell phone service market. It was founded in Costa Mesa, CA in 2016. Its mission statement is essentially to provide big wireless type features without big wireless type hidden fees and higher prices. Mint Mobile is online only and strives to deliver affordable, premium wireless directly to its customers, including senior citizens.

The Mint Mobile unlimited plan costs only $15 per month. It includes six months of premium wireless services at half price. This means Mint Mobile is offering new customers three free months of service when three months of service are purchased in advance. The Mint Mobile unlimited plan includes 3GB 4G LTE and unlimited nationwide talk & text. Data speeds are reduced after the allotted 3GB are used, but the usage remains unlimited at no extra cost. The plan also includes a free mobile hotspot, a three-in-one SIM card kit and free international calls to both Canada and Mexico.

Mint Mobile also has a BYOP program, which allows customers to bring their own unlocked cell phones and connect them to Mint Mobile unlimited plans. Mint Mobile strives to offer excellent wireless service at the lowest prices available on the market for all its customers. The simplicity, pricing and features of this unlimited plan make Mint Mobile a great first choice for seniors as well.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Senior Cell Phone Plans

Having an affordable unlimited cell phone plan provides many benefits for senior living. It provides constant and convenient access to family and friends. It also helps keep seniors safer because access to emergency medical help is only a few clicks or buttons away. Entertainment is also convenient and readily available. Many unlimited plans include popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu at no extra charge.

Most cell phone service companies offer lower prices on unlimited plans. These lower prices are not always advertised or readily displayed, however. One tip for finding the best deals on senior cell phones is to call each service provider and ask what programs are available for senior citizens or people with low income. The Lifeline program is a federally funded program, which helps people lower their monthly phone and internet costs. After being approved for Lifeline, $9.25 is deducted from your cell phone bill every month.

Another tip is to take advantage of Google searches and Consumer Reports research. Doing comparison research helps lead to the best deals available. Most cell phone service providers do not price match, but knowing what options for unlimited plans exist helps find the best deals on senior cell phones available today.